Learn from Forrester Research on the state of the graph database technology vendor landscapeIn 2015, analyst firm Forrester Research published a vendor landscape report on the state of graph databases. It included a few graph technology vendors, several graph use cases and described Neo4j as the “most popular graph database.” Since then, graph database technology has come a long way.

Now, Forrester has reissued their graph databases vendor landscape report with a greater number of vendors, an explosion of new graph use cases and the analysis that “Neo4j continues to dominate the graph database market.”

Connected Data Is Creating New Business Opportunities

Here’s a preview of what’s included in this newest vendor landscape report by Noel Yuhanna:

It’s all about connected data! Connecting data helps companies answer complex questions, such as “Is David’s credit card purchase a fraud, given his buying patterns, the type of product that he is buying, the time and location of the purchase, and his likes and dislikes?” or “From the thousands of products, what is Jane likely to buy next given her buying behavior, products she has reviewed, her purchasing power, and other influencing factors?”

Developers could write JavaPython, or even SQL code to get answers to such complex questions, but that would take hours or days to program and in some cases might be impractical. What if business users want answers to such ad hoc questions quickly, with no time for custom code or with no access to the technical expertise needed to write those programs?

While organizations have been leveraging connections in data for decades, the need for rapid answers amid radical changes in data volume, diversity, and distribution has driven enterprise architects to look for new approaches.

That approach is to use graph database technology to leverage connected data for a sustainable competitive advantage.

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It

Throughout this detailed analyst report, Yuhanna gives you example after example of how today’s leading enterprises are using graph technology to transform their industries and disrupt the competition. You will walk away from this report with well-formed ideas and plans on how to apply graph-powered solutions to your industry and circumstances.

While we believe the Neo4j native graph database is the market leader, you don’t have to take our word for it – you’ll get side-by-side comparisons of the various strengths and trade-offs of today’s leading graph database vendors so that you can decide which technology is best fit for your organization and use case. We believe the choice will be obvious.

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