NuoDB Closes out Successful 2017

Cambridge, MA – February 21, 2018 – NuoDB, the elastic SQL database company for hybrid cloud applications, today announced the company achieved 265 percent year-over-year revenue growth. Anchored by growing demand in EMEA, NuoDB’s subscription model in particular experienced a 100 percent increase in annual recurring revenue (ARR). With the rise of container-based environments, the worldwide market opportunity for modern databases has continued to grow, prompting NuoDB to build out critical resources across both sales and services, particularly in EMEA, in the past 12 months.

According to research firm IDC, worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies is expected to reach nearly $1.3 trillion this year. As these initiatives move from boardroom conversation to real-world implementation, container-based environments and microservices architectures have proliferated just as rapidly. NuoDB’s distributed elastic SQL database is uniquely suited to work natively in cloud and container-based architectures, leading to this year’s revenue growth.

Notably, multi-billion-dollar software companies and multi-national banks are working with NuoDB as they seek to modernize their data centers in support of industry-leading digital transformation projects.

Watch customer Tim Gage, co-CTO and Head of R&D of Alfa, discuss why NuoDB was the right database for their platform

Unlike other offerings, NuoDB’s peer-to-peer architecture ensures that database services can be natively distributed across multiple nodes, data centers, and even clouds without the complexity, expense, and additional software that traditional relational databases require. The launch of NuoDB 2.6 and 3.0 in 2017 underscored this commitment to flexibility by delivering expanded cloud support and incorporating a road-tested integration ecosystem for Amazon Web Services and Docker containers via added support for Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Red Hat environments.

As James Curtis, Senior Analyst for the Data Platforms and Analytics Channel at 451 Research noted in hisrecent reporti, “NuoDB is ideally suited for those organizations looking to move to the cloud, particularly those that have specific SQL-based applications that they may not want to (or have the resources to) rewrite for a different database model. This is further aided by the fact that NuoDB also offers support for multiple cloud platforms.”

“Scalable systems that can keep pace with modern architectures are no longer a nice to have but a necessity for doing business. No matter where the application runs or how it is deployed, the database must not only scale, but truly offer data integrity and transactional consistency to be effective,” said Bob Walmsley, president and CEO of NuoDB. “Our continued growth underscores just how critical those elements are in today’s competitive, cloud-based world.”

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NuoDB’s elastic SQL database for hybrid cloud applications helps customers get applications to market faster and reduce their total cost of ownership. Software vendors and financial services companies rely on NuoDB to obtain the combination of scale-out simplicity, elasticity, and continuous availability that cloud applications require, with the transactional consistency and durability that databases of record demand.

As a result, customers can capitalize on modern technologies such as cloud computing and containerization to ensure their applications are ready for today’s evolving expectations, as well as any future requirements.

NuoDB is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, with offices in Dublin and Belfast. For more information, visit

i Curtis, James. NuoDB points its NewSQL database architecture at hybrid and cloud workloads: 451 Research, 2018.

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