The Forrester WaveTM: Big Data NoSQL, Q1 2019


Redis Labs Recognized As A Big Data NoSQL Database Leader

NoSQL has become critical for businesses to support modern applications, which depend on the power of real-time data to deliver an instant experience. In Forrester’s latest evaluation of NoSQL providers (titled “The Forrester WaveTM: Big Data NoSQL, Q1 2019”), the research firm identified, analyzed and scored 15 vendors across 26 criteria. Download this report to see how each provider’s offering, strategy and market presence measure up.

In particular, ForresterTM recognizes Redis Labs as a leader in this area, noting:

Redis Labs delivers a high-performing NoSQL database. Redis is a multimodel, open source, in-memory database platform whose key development is currently sponsored by Redis Labs. Redis supports both relaxed and strong consistency, a flexible schema-less model, high availability, and ease of deployment. An enterprise version encapsulates the open source software and provides additional capabilities for geodistributed active-active deployments (multicloud, hybrid, on-premises) with high availability and linear scaling, while supporting the open source API. Companies use Redis for customer 360, machine learning, IoT, search, and real-time analytics as well as for eCommerce, social metering solutions, and other use cases. Customer references like its innovation for machine learning apps, performance, scale, customer support, and support for diverse NoSQL use cases.

This research points out that over the past decade, NoSQL has disrupted the database market and gone from supporting simple schema-less apps to becoming a mission-critical data platform for large Fortune 1000 companies. Today, half of global data and analytics technology decision makers either have implemented or are implementing NoSQL platforms, taking advantage of the benefits of a flexible database that serves a broad range of use cases.

According to Forrester, enterprises like NoSQL’s ability to scale out using low-cost servers and a flexible, schema-less model that can store, process and access any type of business data. NoSQL platforms give enterprise architecture professionals greater control over data storage and processing, along with a configuration that accelerates application deployments. While many organizations are complementing their relational databases with NoSQL, some have started to replace them to support improved performance, scale, and lower their database costs.

The non-relational databases highlighted in this report span key-value, document and graph databases, which are optimized for a new generation of business apps—including social media, customer 360, advanced insights, real-time and operational applications. Forrester urges enterprises to look for NoSQL vendors that focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning automation deployment capabilities, press the advantages of open source and integrate with large ecosystems for tools and technologies.

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