General Video Game Artificial Intelligence

General Video Game Artificial Intelligence
Diego Pérez Liébana, et al Highlights of the most interesting research on designing AI agents or content generators that can perform well in multiple video games. From the developers and organizers of the framework used in global competitions. 

Research on general video game playing aims at designing agents or content generators that can perform well in multiple video games, possibly without knowing the game in advance and with little to no specific domain knowledge. The general video game AI framework and competition propose a challenge in which researchers can test their favorite AI methods with a potentially infinite number of games created using the Video Game Description Language. The open-source framework has been used since 2014 for running a challenge. Competitors around the globe submit their best approaches that aim to generalize well across games. Additionally, the framework has been used in AI modules by many higher-education institutions as assignments, or as proposed projects for final year (undergraduate and Master’s) students and Ph.D. candidates


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