Neo4j Advanced Training Sessions

We’re hosting 8 virtual, advanced-training sessions, available to all our Neo4j Certified Professionals, at no cost, over the course of the year. If you cannot attend the live session, the sessions will be recorded and made available for you to view at your leisure. 

Links and more info will be available soon, but for now, mark your calendars (and if you’re not already certified, get certified)! 

Upcoming Training Sessions: 

Scheduled and Announced: 

June 23: Cypher Query Tuning
10:00-14:00 EDT | 14:00-18:00 GMT

June 24: Neo4j Graph Algorithms for Data Science
10:00-14:00 EDT | 14:00-18:00 GMT

Coming soon: 

October 6–8: TBD
10:00–14:00 EDT | 14:00–18:00 GMT

October 13–15: TBD
10:00–14:00 EDT | 14:00–18:00 GMT

Help us select the upcoming advanced-training topics:

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How to access these training sessions:

To take advantage of this opportunity, you must be a Neo4j Certified Professional

Already certified?
Login to Neo4j Community Site with the email associated with your certification and your membership will automatically be granted into the Neo4j Certified Professionals group
Links for the training sessions will be made available in a private category, accessible only to approved members of the Neo4j Certified Professionals group. 

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Karin Wolok
‘Mother of Nodes’, Neo4j

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