Raima Announces Release of Raima Database Manager (RDM) v14.2, a Powerful IoT Edge Embedded Database

SEATTLE, WA, October 8, 2020 – Raima provides an enterprise caliber database with a small footprint. In this release our clients will find a new set of features which will enable Edge, IoT and IIoT applications that need performance within self-maintained applications. 

Raima Database Manager is the solution for: 

  • High performance applications, through in-memory and snapshot support 
  • Edge/remote data with low power availability 
  • Applications that are sensitive to application footprint 
  • Applications that will need multiplatform support whether it is desktop and/or real-time platforms 
  • RDM has support for most common programming language developers prefer. 

Here are some of the new and improved features of 14.2: 

Multi-user Focused Storage Format  

The updated database file format will increase database throughput through a focus on locking contention prevention. It is designed to meet the following requirements:  

  • Performance: Improved performance over previous version of RDM and competitor products. In an industry standard TPC-B test ran on a RaspberryPI RDM outperformed SQLite by about 20x. 
  • Automatic Locking: Reduced need for developers to individually lock every table in a relationship. RDM now automatically locks any related and relevant tables with one lock by the user.   
  • Portability: Database content will be independent of the CPU architecture, allowing databases to be copied between platforms, or concurrently accessed by computers with different operating systems or CPU architectures.  
  • Upgradability: Database upgradability with respect to database migration from prior RDM versions can be done through import/export functionality.  

Geospatial Data Support  

RDM 14.2 will have an updated R-tree index implementation specifically designed to be used for geospatial data. Additional query types supporting point, line, circle/radius and polygonal bounding boxes have been added.  

REST-ful Interface 

 A newly supported REST-ful interface has been added to the database server functionality.  

  • CRUD: (create, read, update and delete) operation to the database through simple HTML GET and POST operations support.  
  • Diagnostics: RDM engine status: memory usage, CPU usage, database size, table size, users connected, etc. are all retrievable through this interface.  
  • Administration: Database utility functions such as: database vacuuming and database consistency checks can be started through the interface as well 

About Raima 

Raima is a provider of high-performance, In Memory, always-on database management system technology for both in-memory database usage and persistent storage devices. We deliver database solutions that are cross-platform, small-footprint database systems designed for distributed architecture in resource-constrained environments. Visit our website at www.raima.com.

Learn more and download a free trial here.  

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