November 12, 2020 By: Mark Simborg

We’re delighted to hear—and (re)announce—that our long-term partner, Openet, which was acquired by global media and communications leader Amdocs earlier this year, has been recognized as the 2020 Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan for its leadership and innovation in the global digital business support system (BSS) market. 

Per Frost & Sullivan: “The company’s open-source and cloud-native BSS for communication service providers (CSPs) is a testament to its innovative product architecture, proven implementations, and commitment to product enhancements.”

And just as exciting, AT&T just announced it has selected Openet’s 5G solution to monetize the next wave of network and business model innovation around cloud, edge computing, and IoT while also increasing operational agility and service differentiation.

Are we surprised by any of this?


But we’re very happy about it. 

Here’s why we aren’t surprised that all these great things are happening for Openet (and, by proxy, Amdocs), our partner of seven years, and its CSP-specific BSS data platform:

1. Bonafide results for CSPs

The proof is in the pudding. As Frost & Sullivan put it: “By implementing Openet’s solutions, CSPs have achieved more than 40 percent reduction in time to market for new service offerings. They have also generated an approximate 30 percent hike in offer uptake and experienced a double-digit increase in mobile data revenues. Overall, solution flexibility, thought leadership, and speed to market set Openet apart in a competitive industry and are helping it identify and address customers’ unmet needs.”

2. Genuine innovation around BSS for CSPs

The Openet platform offers precise, real-time decisioning and was built from the ground up to allow CSPs to take full advantage of today’s digital transformation enablers, including 5G and containerization. Where legacy providers are trying to adapt by moving existing applications and associated data to the cloud, Openet has chosen to build an entirely new platform built for the 5G age and to address the volume, latency, and dynamic needs of 5G applications.

3. Out-of-the-box speed, power, and flexibility

Openet uses cloud-native products that support flexible deployments at the edge. This flexibility gives network operators the ability to monetize things like quality of service and latency, and to open up new monetization and growth opportunities beyond traditional markets, opportunities that require utilizing the near zero-latency data transfer promise of 5G without compromising on data accuracy. 

Openet also has in its arsenal an entire library of reusable microservices to deliver superior product configurability and accelerate speed to market. CSPs can monetize these microservices-based offerings according to their preferred commercial models to deliver pricing flexibility and greater value. Using this microservices-based architecture, Openet has been able to execute the phased delivery of large-scale digital BSS projects for CSPs so they can rapidly expand and innovate while updating existing platforms and components. 

Powered by VoltDB, Openet applications have the ability to accurately and precisely address the entire spectrum of 5G requirements: ultra-low latency, predictable scalability, cloud-native architecture, and intelligence.

Like we said, we’re not surprised Openet has been recognized as a leader and innovator in BSS for CSPs and, with Openet on board, we’re thrilled to see what else Amdocs will achieve in 2021 and beyond. 

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