Neo4j Developer News -27 April 2021

 This Week in Neo4j 
 Hello, everyone!

In this week’s episode, Tara provides details on the Leonard Euler Idea
Contest – now open for registration!

Hadi published an article on how to export indexes and constraints from SQL Server graph tables to Neo4j. Darrel explains how Hexology is using Neo4j Aura through the Neo4j Startup Program to power their mobile
application and AI. Will gives us a recap of the Global Graph Celebration Day, including graph history, innovations in the community, the new
GraphQL Library Beta, and a hackathon.

And finally, Will and Lju released episode #3 of the GraphStuff.FM
podcast on the graph data platform, David announced a new version of
the Neo4j Apache Connector for Spark, Nikita implemented a Neo4j
module for Youpal Group, and Fantasia shared resources for their UE4 plugin.

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Jennifer Reif
and the Developer Relations team 
   Featured Community Member: Craig Taverner 

Craig Taverner is a legend in the Neo4j community.
He has been building libraries and capabilities for Neo4j since before he became an employee. Craig has been and continues to be an expert and
innovator on spatial capabilities with graphs.

His initial contributions were for Amanzitel, where he was CTO.
He built multi-property indexes to do cellular network data management and signal quality statistics at Amanzitel, which later led him to join
Neo4j and
build the Neo4j Spatial library – one of the first extensions to the Neo4j
database – in 2010. The library has been extremely successful, with many of the features being adopted into the core product. However, there are
still many features in the library that Craig continues to build and
innovate as valuable extensions to Neo4j.

Outside of code contributions, Craig has participated in several
hackathons and spoken at many events, including last year’s NODES 2020 on building spatial search algorithms for Neo4j. We can also find Craig
in the community answering questions on the geospatial topic.
Thank you, Craig, for your foundational work and continued support to
the community! Connect with Craig on LinkedIn 
   Build with Neo4j and GraphQL at the Leonard Euler Idea Contest 

Tara published a Neo4j blog post with all the details for the newly-announced Leonhard Euler Idea Contest!

This hackathon was announced at the end of the 
Global Graph Celebration Day event with a prize pool of up to $10,000 USD. Neo4j wants to know about your great idea using the Neo4j database and the beta-release Neo4j GraphQL Library. No previous experience with Neo4j or GraphQL is required.

The blog post outlines the hackathon timeline and the submission criteria. You can check out the resources we’ve made available to get you started. That includes access to Neo4j Aura Free tier (Neo4j’s database-as-a-service) for the first 100 registrants. So, you don’t want to miss out! 🙂

Registration is already open, so join the enthusiasm – learn and build
with Neo4j and GraphQL by registering for the hackathon

Read the Blog Post 
Export Indexes and Constraints from SQL Server Graph Databases
to Neo4j 

Hadi wrote a blog post that demonstrates how to export indexes and constraints from SQL Server graph tables into Neo4j. You can also read the
previous article for exporting the data in the tables themselves to Neo4j.

We see how to migrate 3 types of indexes (single property, composite property, full-text) and 4 types of constraints (unique node, node property
existence, relationship property existence, node key) from SQL Server graph tables to Neo4j. A Github repository with all the code, plus code snippets in the blog post, show us exactly how this is done. 

Read the Blog Post 
One arrow of many hitting the center of the target
   Hexology Joins Neo4j Startup Program 

Darrel wrote a blog post about how Hexology uses Neo4j to power their mobile application and AI through the Neo4j Startup Program

First, we see how graphs provide needed capabilities for data management, especially with regards to AI, responsive applications, and startups. Next, we get an exciting look into what Hexology is building with Neo4j and how it’s used. The blog post wraps up with how Neo4j and the Startup
Program, in particular, give them a competitive advantage in the market.

We are so thrilled to hear Hexology’s story and glad that Neo4j helps
others find success in their endeavors! 

Read the Blog Post 
   Recapping Global Graph Celebration Day 2021 

Missed Global Graph Celebration Day?

Don’t worry – Will published a blog post and the live stream video highlighting what happened during the Neo4j-hosted meetup!

Starting out, we saw how the foundations of graph theory were

We received resources for getting started with the graph community, as well as a fun quiz (due by April 30). Next, we heard from visionaries doing amazing things with connected data. From conducting medical research and data analysis to creating powerful models of the physical world, these individuals are at the forefront of graph innovation and inspiration!

The event concluded with a GraphQL community update call, where
Neo4j engineers showed us the new Neo4j GraphQL library. Neo4j then
announced the Leonhard Euler Idea Contest – a hackathon involving
Neo4j and GraphQL, open to everyone! 
Read the Blog Post or Watch the Video 
   GraphStuff.FM Episode #3,
Neo4j Spark Connector, Neo4j Module for Youpal, Fantasia UE4 Plugin 

Will and Lju released another podcast episode (#3) for GraphStuff.FM on the Overview of the Neo4j Graph Data Platform. Get insight into Neo4j
Aura, APOC, Bloom, graph apps, and more!

David announced a new version of the Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark. Check out the new details on the dedicated page.

Nikita implemented a Neo4j module for Youpal Group to use the graph
database from Youpal. He also implemented visualization in 3D to view the graph data in three dimensions. Check out the short video.

If you caught last week’s Tweet of the week by @FANTASIA4UE, they broadcast more info in a tweet with links to their website, Github repository,
and a YouTube video.  
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