Category: Graphs and Data Stores


HyperGraphDB: A general purpose, extensible, portable, distributed, embeddable, open-source data storage mechanism (available under LGPL license). Download HyperGraphDB. LINK


Neo4j: a high performance open-source embeddable or standalone graph database. Good integration via Java, Grails, PHP, .NET, REST, Rubyetc. High Availability and Online-backup available. LINK


OrientDB: Scalable Document based DBMS that uses the features of the Graph Databases to handle links. 100% Java. It can work in schema-less mode, schema-full or a mix of both. Supports indexing, fluent and SQL-like...


InfoGrid: an open-source internet graph database with REST-ful web frontend. Represents information as nodes and edges which may be dynamically typed according to freely definable conceptual models. Choice of storage backends. Can dynamically include and...