Exclusive ODBMS Book Preview

ODBMS.ORG, the Internet’s most up-to-date educational and research portal on object database technology, today announced that is has published a chapter of an upcoming new book on object databases. The book, “The Definite Guide to db4o” by ODBMS.ORG’s panel expertsStefan EdlichJim Paterson, et.al. is one of the few recent publications entirely dedicated to object databases and will be published by Apress in July (ISBN 1-59059-656-0). It can now be pre-ordered throughODBMS.ORG’s bookstore at Amazon.com.

One of the most compelling chapters, “Comparing the Object and the Relational Data Model”, was now given to ODBMS.ORG in an exclusive sneak preview for free download. The chapter looks at the evolution of data models and compares the object and relational data models. It looks at some of the difficulties involved in fitting object-oriented systems and relational databases together, and how some well know database features are implemented in an object database.

In the meantime, ODBMS.ORG has accepted 6 new members from education, research and the industry to its panel of now over 80 experts on object database technology:

In cooperation with these experts, the portal has recently publishedOuri Wolfson‘s article on Managing Uncertainty in Moving Objects Databases, which covers the problem of managing objects that can change location such as in spatial databases; Curriculum Examples toSuzanne W. Dietrich and Susan D. Urban‘s book “An Advanced Course in Database Systems: Beyond Relational Databases”; and a free trial download of Progress Software’s ObjectStore PSE Pro.

Contact ODBMS.ORG at editor@odbms.org.

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