New Whitepapers on ObjectStore and Objectivity

ODBMS.ORG, the Internet’s most up-to-date educational and research portal on object database technology, today announced that is has published new expert contributions on leading object database products ObjectStore and Objectivity.

In their whitepaper “ObjectStore and STL”, expert Adrian Marriott and Ben Rousseau from Progress Software show how easily STL can be used with ObjectStore. They describe how to store STL containers, their iterators and STL basic_strings persistently within ObjectStore. Marriott and Rousseau present a fully working ObjectStore allocator designed for the popular STLport freeware implementation that has been tested to capacities of three million objects or more. The paper is available for free download from this portal’s expert section

Leon Guzenda, CTO of Objectivity Inc., has become an expert panel member of ODBMS.ORG. He has released the paper The Evolution of a Distributed, Federated Object Query Engine. This white paper describes the evolution of the general purpose Objectivity/DB object database from a homogeneous, navigational object access tool to a distributed, federated (heterogeneous) query engine.

In addition to Guzenda, ODBMS.ORG has accepted 4 new members from education, research and the industry to its panel of now over 85 experts on object database technology:


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