Eddie A. Tejeda, Civic Insight

Eddie A. Tejeda, Co-founder, CEO at Civic Insight.

I am the CEO/Co-Founder of Civic Insight, a civic tech startup focused on making municipal property information available to the public in real-time. I have 10 years of experience bringing innovative thinking to civic institutions. Previously, I was a 2012 Code for America fellow and co-creator of BlightStatus for the City of New Orleans.

Before Code for America, I built Digress.it, an online community and open-source project that allows for paragraph-by-paragraph commenting on complex texts. Digress.it is now used by universities, governments and libraries across the country.
I also worked with Cornell University to build RegulationRoom.org, a project that was chosen by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as its open-government flagship initiative and received a Leading Practices Award by the White House.

I also currently serve as Vice-Chair in the City of Oakland’s Public Ethics Commission and the co-founder and Director of Technology for OpenOakland, a non-profit that works closely with Oakland’s City Hall promote civic innovation and open government.

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