From Buzzwords to Column Stores: Tamr at HP Big Data 2015

From Buzzwords to Column Stores: Tamr at HP Big Data 2015

Colin Mahony, HP’s SVP and GM of Big Data, and Tamr's Mike Stonebracker onstage at HP Big Data 2015HP’s SVP and GM of Big Data Colin Mahony and Tamr’s Mike Stonebraker onstage at HP Big Data 2015

A hearty congratulations to our friends and partners at Hewlett-Packard for running a world-class event here in Boston last week, the HP Big Data Conference 2015. We came, we saw and we learned – from HP’s technologists, fellow engineers, guest experts and from customers trying to get their arms around the limitless opportunities and challenges of Big Data.

Tamr CTO and Co-Founder Mike Stonebraker highlighted Tamr’s presence at the conference via a Q&A with Colin Mahony, HP’s SVP and GM of Big Data.

WATCH the 12-minute Q&A here, starting at ~42-minute mark

Mike’s remarks – which ran the gamut from the power of transformational technologies such as column-store databases and next-gen data curation to how to weed through the Big Data hype – received a good variety of coverage from industry media.

eWeek highlighted Mike’s diagnosis that what Big Data really means is, simply, the three V’s – volume, velocity and variety. eWeek summarizes the challenge for modern enterprises – “there’s too much data being generated, the data is coming at them too quickly and it’s coming from too many sources” – as well as Mike’s solution: “It’s all about being agile, getting agile.”

siliconANGLE/theCUBE dove deeper into Mike’s argument that “the 800-pound gorilla in the corner” is that “essentially, everybody on the planet wants to integrate more and more and more data sources.” Big Data Variety, in other words. “With multiple data sources from technology, such as the Internet of Things and self-driving cars, requiring real-time analytics,” theCUBE’s John Furrier sees “a bigger picture going on around variety.”

Finally, in, Dana Gardner, of Interarbor Solutions focused on how Mike

… cautioned against getting caught up in marketing buzz over data science substance. “I’ve been doing big data forever. The buzzword is meaningless, it’s about solving data volume, velocity, and variety problems. Analytics is moving to complex analytics, using machine learning and statistics, so you need to get smart at data science,” said Stonebraker.

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