Accelerate MySQL for Demanding OLAP and OLTP Use Cases with Apache Ignite



Five Limitations of MySQL
Delivering Hot Data
Dealing with Highly Volatile Data
Handling Large Data Volumes
Providing Analytics
Powering Full Text Searches
When Two Trends Converge
The Speed and Power of Apache Ignite
Apache Ignite Tames a Raging River of Data
Focus on Speed and Scalability
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MySQL® is a widely used, open source relational database management system (RDBMS) which is an excellent solution for many applications, including web-scale applications. However, its architecture has limitations when it comes to big data analytics. As data volumes continue to increase exponentially, businesses continue to demand accurate real-time data analysis. That is extremely difficult to achieve with MySQL alone. Many MySQL users have leveraged additional open source and commercial solutions to enhance MySQL’s capabilities and add in-memory computing functionality. However, these point solutions lack the full functionality of an in-memory computing platform like Apache® IgniteTM.

A close look at the strengths and weaknesses of MySQL reveals several use cases where the RDBMS, powerful though it is, can benefit from some assistance.

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