General Cloud Concepts

Learn the Basics

MarkLogic are partners with Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure, and both platforms provide excellent resources on cloud concepts. We find that these resources share many common fundamentals, even if implementation details and terminology are different.

When you are using Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure as infrastructure-as-a-service platforms, all the networking, security, virtual machines and storage become programmable. This paradigm offers you with more choices, flexibility and scalability. It enables a greater degree of self-service for your IT team and developers. However, the learning for networking, security and etc. on these cloud platforms does not go away. In particular, production deployment on cloud still requires production planning and engineering. As you are moving to cloud environment, pay attention to equip your staff with the knowledge related to networking, security, storage and virtualization.

The good news is that your existing knowledge from on-premises related to the fundamental concepts is in large part transferable to the cloud model.

To get you started quickly on cloud computing, here are some resources from AWS and Azure, which covers the general concepts:


We find the general concept guides here very useful to gain familiarity about Azure platform services.


Check out the collection of whitepapers here.


Last but not the least, plan your migration to cloud using this short checklist:

  • Choose your platform
  • Think about your MarkLogic capacity planning and cluster sizing
  • Train your staff on DevOp fundamentals and cloud platform specifics
  • Choose your deployment tools
  • Choose your management tools

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