Learn the ins and outs of administrating MarkLogic.


Learn the ins and outs of administrating MarkLogic.

LINK: https://developer.marklogic.com/adventure/administrator


Basic Intro

Get a basic introduction to MarkLogic.
  • Introduction to MarkLogic

    This MarkLogic University On Demand Course gives a high level overview of some of MarkLogic’s key features.

    Duration: 24 mins

  • MarkLogic Fundamentals

    Jump-start your technical team’s broad understanding of MarkLogic; how to setup, ingest and get developing!

    Duration: 1-8 hours

  • Data Modeling Basics

    An on demand series from MarkLogic University covering the basics of data modeling.

  • Concepts and Terms

    Some basic concepts and terms.

  • Install MarkLogic

    Before you can use it you have to install it.

Administering MarkLogic for Developers

Learn how to keep those pesky developers happy.
  • Administering MarkLogic REST API Instances

    How to administer the REST API.

  • Administrator’s Guide

    The official administer’s guide for MarkLogic.

  • MarkLogic and Amazon Web Services

    Deploying on Amazon.

Code Samples

See the Java Client API in action.
  • Samplestack

    Samplestack is a demo “Question and Answer” web application that shows you how to integrate MarkLogic into a three-tier application architecture (browser, application server, and database).

  • Top Songs

    Top Songs is a sample application build on the MarkLogic Java Client API.

Deep Dive

Get knee deep in it.
  • Inside MarkLogic Server

    This paper describes the MarkLogic Server internals: its data model, indexing system, update model, and operational behaviors. It’s intended for a technical audience — either someone new to MarkLogic wanting to understand its capabilities, or someone already familiar with MarkLogic who wants to understand what’s going on under the hood.

  • Performance: Understanding System Resources

    This guide views MarkLogic through the lens of resource consumption and infrastructure planning.

  • Hardware Reference Architecture: Direct Attached Storage

    This guide provides details about our recommended hardware for Direct Attached Storage (DAS)..

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