On the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. Q&A with Joe Lichtenberg

Q&A with Joe Lichtenberg, Director of Marketing for Data Platforms, InterSystems.

Q1. When would you recommend (or not) to users of InterSystems Caché® and Ensemble® to move to the new IRIS Data Platform?

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform is a new product that combines existing functionality from Caché, Ensemble, DeepSee, and iKnow, plus new capabilities for developing highly scalable, intelligent, real-time applications beyond what is possible with Caché and Ensemble.

All new applications should be developed using InterSystems IRIS.

For existing applications developed with Caché and Ensemble, we encourage our customers to learn about the exciting new capabilities provided by InterSystems IRIS, and endeavor to leverage these capabilities to expand their applications to capture new business and operational benefits.

However, there is no requirement for our existing customers to transition their Caché and Ensemble applications to InterSystems IRIS. InterSystems has never discontinued support for any product in use, and we plan to continue to maintain and support Caché and Ensemble for existing customers.


Q2. Is InterSystems TrakCare® part of the new IRIS Data Platform? If customers are using HealthShare for Personalized Population Health Management, should they also use the new IRIS Data Platform? 

All InterSystems Healthcare solutions are built on our data platform, and will take advantage of the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform in future releases. Those who are building new applications and solutions of their own, will want to take advantage of IRIS.


– On the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. Source: ODBMS Industry Watch, Published on 2018-02-09


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