Benchmarking Redis Enterprise in full ACID configuration on EMC VMAX at over 0.5 Million ops/sec @ <1 ms latency

This benchmark demonstrates how fast Redis Enterprise can process full ACID transactions when connected to an EMC VMAX storage array.  Enhancements in Redis Enterprise, such as a greedy AOF algorithm or the ability to run an all-master cluster, allow for extremely high throughput at sub-millisecond latencies. When coupled with an EMC VMAX all flash storage array, the benchmark measured over 660K ops/sec on the standard 1:1 read/write use case with 100B item_size, and only slightly lower throughout (i.e. 640K op/sec) on the write-intensive scenario.   Download to learn more about results seen with larger item sizes and in write-intensive scenarios.

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– Linear Scaling Benchmark – 50M ops/sec @<1 msec latency, only 26 EC2 nodes

Linear scaling of database performance is critical for applications to scale easily and cost-efficiently. Many cloud or on-premises databases claim to scale linearly but can rarely prove it in the manner that Redis Enterprise has demonstrated.

Redis Enterprise supports the open source Cluster API, enabling infinite, linear scaling by simply adding shards and nodes. This, combined, with the shared-nothing symmetric architecture of Redis Enterprise cluster ensures that data and control path are separate and the control path does not impose non-linear overheads in a scaled-out environment. Download this benchmark to learn more!

– Redis-Spark Timeseries benchmark

Redis Labs’ benchmarks using time-series data show that running Spark on Redis as a data store results in 135 times faster processing compared to Spark using HDFS and 45 times faster processing compared to Spark using Tachyon as an off-heap data store or Spark storing the data on-heap.

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– NoSQL Performance Benchmark

Avalon consulting benchmarked a comparison of database throughput and latency across Couchbase, Datastax, Aerospike and Redis Labs for a high volume real -time write-intensive application. Redis Labs far surpassed the competition with up to 8 times the throughput at 50% lower latencies.

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– Redis-as-a-Service Performance Benchmark

This independent report by Altoros Systems compares RaaS providers using a single Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance with simulated traffic in the same region. The benchmark used memtier_benchmark and Java-based stress tools to generate simple, complex and combined workloads.

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See how leading Redis providers Redis Enterprise Cloud, ElastiCache, RedisGreen, Redis To Go and OpenRedis performed in terms of both throughput and latency.

Altoros consulting benchmarked a comparison of Redis-as-a-Service providers including ElasticCache, Redis Green, Redis-To-Go and Redis Labs using a memtier benchmark and several Java based stress testing tools. Redis Labs’ throughput results topped the list.

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