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10 Questions On Innovation to Philippe Kahn

by Roberto V. Zicari on February 5, 2006

February 2006 – Philippe Kahn is an extremely successful serial entrepreneur who founded four leading companies: Fullpower Technologies, Inc., LightSurf, Starfish Technologies, Inc. and Borland.

1. Who are your favorite innovators?
Usually all the great minds of the past, people such as Galileo, Marconi, Einstein and Moses, Jesus Christ and Buddha

2. What do you consider are the most promising innovations of the last 3 years?
The convergence of Life Sciences and wireless technologies

3. What helped you to become a successful innovator?
When I came to Silicon Valley, I didn’t have a work permit, so I had to create my own opportunities. Innovation was the simplest way!

4. Did you pay a price to be an innovator? Which one?
Usually innovators are like pioneers in the old Far West: You can tell by the arrows in their backs. However, the rewards are much greater than the inconveniences.

5. What are the rewards to be an innovator?
Immeasurable, Priceless: You get to do what no other has done, it’s like being the first person to climb Everest, every time.

6. What are in your opinion the top 3 criteria for successful innovation?
Vision, leadership, perseverance.

7. What would you recommend to young people who wish to pursue innovation?
Vision, leadership, perseverance.

8. In your opinion how can we create a culture that supports and sustains innovation?
Give a little bit of a spotlight to innovation, 1/100th of what pop-culture gets will be a huge boost!

9. What do you think stops/slows down innovation?
Consumerism. Innovation is creative.

10.Do you think becoming an innovator can be taught?
To a certain extent, via role models.

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  1. Sharad D. Pawar permalink

    This is very nice article, It’s has explained the innovation’s importance, vision and how it can be cultivated.

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