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LINQ: the best option for a future Java query API?

by Roberto V. Zicari on October 7, 2008

My interview to Mike Card has triggered an intense discussion (still ongoing), on the pros and cons of considering LINQ as the best option for a future Java query API.

There is a consensus that a common query mechanism for odbms is needed.

However, there is quite a disagreement on how this should be done. In particular, some see LINQ as a solution, provided that LINQ is also available for Java. Others on the contrary do not like LINQ, but would rather prefer a vendor neutral solution, for example based on SBQL.

You can follow the discussion here.

I have listed here some useful resources I published in ODBMS.ORG – related to this discussion:

Erik Meijer, José Blakeley
The Microsoft perspective on ORM
An Interview in ACM Queue Magazine with Erik Meijer and José Blakeley. With LINQ (language-integrated query) and the Entity Framework, Microsoft divided its traditional ORM technology into two parts: one part that handles querying (LINQ) and one part that handles mapping (Entity Framework).| September 2008 |

Panel Discussion “ODBMS: Quo Vadis?
Panel discussion with Mike Card, Jim Paterson, and Kazimierz Subieta, on their views on on some critical questions related to Object Databases: Where are Object Database Systems going? Are Relational database systems becoming Object Databases?
Do we need a standard for Object Databases? Why ODMG did not succeed?

Java Object Persistence: State of the Union PART II
Panel discussion with Jose Blakeley (Microsoft), Rick Cattell (Sun Microsystems), William Cook (University of Texas at Austin), Robert Greene (Versant), and Alan Santos (Progress). The panel addressed the ever open issue of the impedance mismatch.

Java Object Persistence: State of the Union PART I
Panel discussion with Mike Keith: EJB co-spec lead, main architect of Oracle Toplink ORM, Ted Neward: Independent consultant, often blogging on ORM and persistence topics, Carl Rosenberger: lead architect of db4objects, open source embeddable object database. Craig Russell: Spec lead of Java Data Objects (JDO) JSR, architect of entity bean engine in Sun’s appservers prior to Glassfish, on their views on the current State of the Union of object persistence with respect to Java.

Stack-Based Approach (SBA) and Stack-Based Query Language (SBQL)
Kazimierz Subieta, Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
Introduction to object-oriented concepts in programming languages and databases, SBA and SBQL

The Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch
Scott Ambler, IBM. Scott explores the technical and the cultural impedance mismatch between the relational and the object world.

ORM Smackdown – Transcript
Ted Neward, Oren “Ayende” Eini. Transcripts of the Panel discussion “ORM Smackdown” on different viewpoints on Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) systems, courtesy of FranklinsNet.

OOPSLA Panel Objects and Databases
William Cook Transcript of a high ranking panel on objects and databases at the OOPSLA conference 2006, with representatives from BEA, db4objects, GemStone, Microsoft, Progress, Sun, and Versant.

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