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More Impedance mismatch: Cloud Computing

by Roberto V. Zicari on October 4, 2008

I noticed a news on an additional source of Impedance mismatch: Cloud Computing…

Geir Magnusson, vice president of engineering and co-founder of 10gen, presented at a conference called Web 2.0 Expo, a talk: “The Sequel to SQL: Why You Won’t Find Your RDBMS in the Clouds.”

Magnusson said “an RDBMS is what you need, but not in the cloud.”
Magnusson seems to support O/R mapping: “O/R mapping blends the power of an RDBMS with the programming simplicity of an ODBMS [object database management system],” Magnusson said, noting that there is support for O/R mapping in Java, Python, Ruby, .NET and Groovy. “O/R mapping is everywhere.”

However, the series of interviews with users indicate that O/R mapping is only one way (and not the most simple one) of getting around the impedance mismatch between object-oriented languages and data stored in a relational system.

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