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TechView Product Reports

by Roberto V. Zicari on December 20, 2008

Most of the time it is difficult to gather good technical information on products, without marketing or sales hype.

I therefore decided to create a series of product reports on some of the leading Object Database Systems around.

For that, I have prepared 23 questions which I sent to four vendors: db4objects,Objectivity, Inc.,Progress Software and Versant Corporation.
I asked them detailed information on their products, such as: Support of Programming Languages, Queries, Data Modeling, Integration with relational data, Transactions,Persistence,Storage, Architecture,Applications, and Performance.

The result are four TechView Product Reports, which contain detailed useful information on the respective products:
– Objectivity/DB
– ObjectStore
– Versant Object Database

I hope these will be useful resources for developers and architects alike.
As always you can freely download the reports.

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  1. Strange “ODBMS Industry Watch” that is focusing on only a subset of the ODBMS market and ignoring some major ODBMS players.

  2. Hi Eric
    I plan to cover other ODBMS products in 2009.
    Best Regards

    Roberto V. Zicari

  3. Oh wow..thank you so much for doing this!

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