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O/R Impedance Mismatch? Users Speak Up! Fourth Series of User Reports published.

by Roberto V. Zicari on January 13, 2009

I have published the fourth series of user reports on using technologies for storing and handling persistent objects.

The fourth series includes 6 new user reports from the following users:

-Martin F. Kraft
-Serena Pizzi at Banca Fideuram
-Dan Schutzer at FSTC
-Peter Fallon at Castle Software Australia
-Benny Schaich-Lebek at SAP
-Stephan Kiemle at German Aerospace Center

The new 6 reports and the complete series of user reports are available for free download.

I have also published a new paper by ODBMS.ORG panel member William Cook on Interprocedural Query Extraction for Transparent Persistence.
Transparent Persistence promises to integrate programming languages and databases by allowing programs to access persistent data with the same ease as non-persistent data. The work is focused on programs written in the current version of Java, without languages changes. However, the techniques developed by Cook and his colleagues may also be of value in conjunction with object-oriented languages extended with high-level query syntax.

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  1. Rob- FYI the link for this, ie does not seem to work, unlike the other links on your site?
    Paul Vincent / TIBCO

  2. Hi Paul
    thank you. I`ll fix it.


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