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by Roberto V. Zicari on April 7, 2009

I have recently asked Alexander Jaehne -Application Infrastructure & Integration Team Lead, at a major Swiss bank, what experience does he have in using the various options available for persistence for new projects.

“For very large databases, you need to complement an ODBMS with some relational database. We prefer to have both.. ” replied Jaehne.

You can read the interview with Jaehne: User Report 31/09 .

Of course, this is not true in general.

For example, Richard Ahrens, Director at Merrill Lynch explains : “Our order and quote management system combines an embedded object-based continuous event processor with an embedded object database. This allows us to rapidly add new derivative products to our environment and keeps developers focused on writing code that adds direct business value. With our design, we have strived to eliminate “nonproductive” development: keeping objects in sync with a relational data model adds no value to our business, so we rely on object database technology to make that problem go away.
We have found this approach not only enables us to deliver incremental functionality faster, but also reduces our testing burden since there are fewer moving parts for us to maintain ourselves. ”

The complete set of User Reports includes:

User Report 1/08: Gerd Klevesaat at Siemens
Segment: Industry – Automation
User: Gerd Klevesaat – Software architect – Siemens, Germany

User Report 2/08: Pieter van Zyl at CSIR
Segment: Academia
User: Pieter van Zyl – Researcher – CSIR, South Africa

User Report 3/08: Philippe Roose at Liuppa
Segment: Academia
User: Philippe Roose – Ass. Professor / Researcher – LIUPPA, France

User Report 4/08: William Westlake at SAIC
Segment: Industry – Medical
User: William Westlake – Principal Systems Engineer – SAIC, USA

User Report 5/08: Stefan Edlich at TFH Berlin
Segment: Academia
User: Stefan Edlich – Professor – TFH Berlin, Germany

User Report 6/08: Udayan Banerjee at NIIT
Segment: Industry – Various
User: Udayan Banerjee – CTO – NIIT, India

User Report 7/08: Nishio Shuichi at ATR
Segment: Industry – Robotics
User: Nishio Shuichi – Senior Researcher – ATR Labs, Japan

User Report 8/08: John Davies at Iona
Segment: Industry – Finance
User: John Davies – Technical Director – Iona, USA

User Report 9/08: Scott Ambler at IBM
Segment: Industry – Various
User: Scott Ambler – Practice Leader – IBM Rational, Canada

User Report 10/08: Mike Card at Syracuse
Segment: Industry – Defense
User: Mike Card – Researcher – Syracuse, USA

User Report 11/08: Rich Ahrens at Merrill Lynch
Segment: Industry – Finance
User: Richard Ahrens – Director – Merrill Lynch, USA

User Report 12/08: Ajay Deshpande at Persistent
Segment: Industry – Various
User: Ajay Deshpande – Senior Architect – Persistent, India

User Report 13/08: Horst Braeuner at City of Schwaebisch Hall
Segment: Public – Government
User: Horst Braeuner – CTO, CIO – City of Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

User Report 14/08: Tore Risch at University of Uppsala
Segment: Academia
User: Tore Risch – Professor – University of Uppsala, Sweden

User Report 15/08: Michael Blaha at OMT
Segment: Industry – Consulting
User: Michael Blaha – Principal – OMT Associates, USA

User Report 16/08: Stefan Keller at HSR Rapperswil
Segment: Academia
User: Stefan Keller – Professor – HSR Rapperswil, USA

User Report 17/08: Mohammed Zaki at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Segment: Academia
User: Mohammed Zaki – Associate Professor – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

User Report 18/08: Peter Train at Standard Bank
Segment: Industry – Finance
User: Peter Train – Architect – Standard Bank, South Africa

User Report 19/08: Biren Gandhi at IBM
Segment: Industry – Consulting
User: Biren Gandhi – Architect – IBM, Germany

User Report 20/08: Sven Pecher at IBM
Segment: Industry – Consulting
User: Sven Pecher – Senior Consultant – IBM, Germany

User Report 21/08: Frank Stuch at IBM
Segment: Industry – Consulting
User: Sven Pecher – Managing Consultant – IBM, Germany

User Report 22/08: Hiroshi Miyazaki at Fujitsu
Segment: Industry – Various
User: Hiroshi Miyazaki – Methodology – Fujitsu, Japan

User Report 23/08: Robert Huber at 7r
Segment: Industry – Various
User: Robert Huber – Managing Director – 7r, Switzerland

User Report 24/08: Thomas Amberg at Oberon
Segment: Industry – Various
User: Thomas Amberg – Software Engineer, Oberon, Switzerland

User Report 25/08: Martin F. Kraft
Segment: Industry – Logistics
User: Martin F. Kraft – Application Architect, Shipping Company (not disclosed), USA

User Report 26/08: Serena Pizzi at Banca Fideuram
Segment: Industry – Finance
User: Serena Pizzi – Responsible Application Management Back End, Banca Fideuram SpA, Italy

User Report 27/08: Dan Schutzer at FSTC
Segment: Industry – Financial Services
User: Dan Schutzer – Director, FSTC, USA

User Report 28/08: Peter Fallon at Castle Software Australia
Segment: Industry – Software development and consulting
User: Peter Fallon – Director , Castle Software Australia, Australia

User Report 29/08: Benny Schaich-Lebek at SAP
Segment: Industry – ERP
User: Benny Schaich-Lebek – Product Management, SAP, Germany

User Report 30/08: Stephan Kiemle at German Aerospace Center
Segment: Industry – Aereospace
User: Stephan Kiemle – Chief software engineer, German Aerospace Center DLR, Germany

User Report 31/09: Alexander Jaehne at Major Swiss Bank
Segment: Industry – Finance
User: Alexander Jaehne -Application Infrastructure & Integration Team Lead, Switzerland.

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