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Public voting is open! Awards for the most valuable Persistent Model Patterns.

by Roberto V. Zicari on May 28, 2009

Here we are.. the Public Voting for choosing the most valuable Persistent Model Patterns (among the submissions received to ODBMS.ORG by May 29, 2009 ) is now open!


The ODBMS.ORG Awards is for the 3 patterns which will receive the highest votes.


25 patterns comprise the set of submissions received by May 29, 2009:

Matthew Barker, Director of System Engineering, Versant Corp.
Pattern: Large Persistent Collection.

Robert Greene , Vice President, Versant Corp.
Pattern: Persistent Versioned Graph Pattern.

Lenny Hoffman, Todd Stavish, Dr Nic Caine, Brian Clark. Objectivity, Inc.
Pattern: Dynamic Schemas in object database management systems (ODBMS).

Derek Laufenberg, Versant Corp.
Patterns: Back-Pointer Managed Collection; Split Class Pattern.

Richard Lingeh, Principal Consultant, Versant
Pattern: Schema Builder.

Adrian Marriott , Principal Consultant, Progress Software Inc.
Patterns: Bespoke Indexes, Compress Persistent Data, Database Manager, Evolver, Frame, Head/Body, OO Anti-Pattern: Frame (Meta-Type System), Persistent Mutex, Persistent Queue, Persistent Singleton, Query Visitor, Small Object Pool Allocator, String Table, Transaction Memento.

Eugenia Stathopoulou, Panos Vassiliadis.
Patterns: Querying, Schema Modifications, Storage, Updates.

Takenori Sato
Pattern: Probabilistic Graph Model.



1) First please Read the patterns.
All persistent patterns submitted are available for free download.

2) Then Vote…
To vote visit the ODBMS.ORG Public Vote site.

Please note: You can vote only one time. You can choose only one pattern.

Public Voting takes place between June 1 and June 20, 2009.

Good readings …and good vote!


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