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Several new resources published in ODBMS.ORG

by Roberto V. Zicari on September 11, 2009

I have published several new resources in ODBMS.ORG:

– A new User Report, (number 32/09), by Dr. Andreas Geppert at Credit Suisse, Switzerland.
Andreas Geppert is a Platform Architect. Gepperts tell us that the strategy of his bank is to buy IT infrastructures whenever possible, and avoid developing them in-house. When asked if they had an “impedance mismatch” problem in the bank, Geppert replied: “We certainly have an impedance mismatch problem, in particular as we are increasingly developing new applications in Java accessing relational databases such as Oracle and DB2.”
You can read the full report in the Object Databases – User Reports Section.

– A Link to download Databeans.
Databeans is an object oriented persistence framework for Java, available under GPL. The link is available here.

-A Link to download ConceptBase.
ConceptBase is a multi-user deductive and object-oriented database system for meta modeling and method engineering, developed by Tilburg University. It is freely available under a FreeBSD-style license. The link is available here.

– Databeans Tutorial for Java version 2.0.
You can download the tutorial (PDF) in the Object Databases – Tutorials Section.

– Slides of a course based on ConceptBase, developed by Tilburg University.
The slides are under a permissive Creative Commons license, and are available here.

I would also like to welcome a new Expert Manfred Jeusfeld, who has just joined the ODBMS.ORG`s panel of Experts.

Hope you`ll find the resources useful. And as always, all resources in ODBMS.ORG are freely accessible!


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