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“one size does not fit all”…rdbms, odbms, nosql data stores…

by Roberto V. Zicari on March 9, 2010

I published a new resource on ODBMS.ORG:

— “On NoSQL technologies – Part III: Document stores, NoSQL databases, ODBMSs”.

which is a follow up of this other article:

— “On NoSQL technologies – Part II”.

Both articles (available as free download  .pdf) collect several interviews I have done in the last past weeks on the topics “document stores”, “nosql” databases, ODBMSs. Among the experts I interviewed, Prof. Michael Stonebraker (MIT), Dr. Hamid Pirahesh, (IBM Fellow), Marten Gustaf Mickos (previously CEO of MySQL AB), Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google Inc.), to name a few. ..

I think the “one size does not fit all” mantra — which I have been espousing for some time — is a good way to think about things. After all, the no SQL folks are themselves pretty diverse.” remarks Prof. Stonebraker at MIT.

And this a nice way to look at these things I believe….


P.S. You have probably noticed the new design of the ODBM Industry Watch Blog…Hope you like it.

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