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New resources, New Experts.

by Roberto V. Zicari on July 1, 2010

I did publish a few new resources.

1. A new lecture notes by Beat Signer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
Introduction to Databases Object and Object-Relational Databases.
This lecture notes (40 slides) describe the problem of Impedance Mismatch, and then present the basic concepts of Object Databases and Object-Relational Databases.

2. A new subsection for Databases: Journals with the possibility to download free sample copies of journal articles.

Moreover, I would like to welcome several new experts to ODBMS.ORG:
Stephan Kiemle, software engineer at the German Remote Sensing Data Center .
Tom Atwood, one of the principal players in the mid’90’s effort to create object database management systems.
Steve Graves, CEO of McObject.
Martin Hulin, University of Applied Sciences Weingarten.
Gerd Klevesaat certified senior software architect at Siemens AG.
Erik Meijer, programming-language designer at Microsoft.
Nicolas Spyratos, University of Paris South.
Don White, software engineer at Progress Software.

They will all contribute with interesting resources to ODBMS.ORG. The complete (quite impressive!) ist of experts of ODBMS.ORG is available here.

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