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Presentations of ICOODB Frankfurt 2010.

by Roberto V. Zicari on October 11, 2010

I have published in ODBMS.ORG most of the industry presentations being given at the ICOODB Frankfurt 2010 conference.

Here are the relevant links:

1. “Object Databases” (PDF 75 pages) by Michael Grossniklaus, Politecnico di Milano. |
2. “Patterns of Data Modeling”(PDF 49 pages) | , by Michael R. Blaha, Modelsoft Consulting Corp.
–>Download Link.

NoSQL Workshop:
1. “Approaches to Data Modeling in Non-Relational Systems Using Apache Cassandra”, by Gary Dusbabek, Rackspace
2. “Dinner in the sky with MongoDB.”, by Marc Boeker, ONchestra.
3. “Scale Out vs. Scale In- a face-off between Cassandra and Redis. ” by Tim Lossen, wooga.
4. “The Graph DB Landscape and SonesDB. “ by Achim Friedland, Sones.
5. “Neo4j for deep spatial and social intelligence. “ by Peter Neubauer, Neo Technology.
6. “Mastering Massive Data Volumes with Hypertable. “ by Doug Judd, Hypertable Inc..
—> Link to Download all presentations (.PDF).

ICOODB KEYNOTES and Industry Track Presentations:
1. “Efficient Development of Event-Driven Systems with Versant Object Database.” by Guenter Ressell-Herbert, Versant
2. “Accelerating Application Development with Objects. “ by Eric Falsken, German Viscuso, Roman Stoffel, db4objects.
3. “The Synergy Between the Object Database, Graph Database, Cloud Computing and NoSQL Paradigms. ” by Leon Guzenda, Objectivity.
4. “Unifying Remote Data, Remote Procedures and Web Services.” KEYNOTE by William Cook, University of Texas at Austin.
5. “Searching the Web of Objects” KEYNOTE by Ricardo Baeza-Yates, VP, Yahoo! Research, Europe and Latin America.
—> Download presentations Link.

5. “State of MariaDB” and “Dynamic Columns in MariaDB“, by Michael (Monty) Widenious, MariaDB.
—> Download link

A lot to read…

Around 200 Researchers from around the world attended the conference
You can see some photos here.


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