Dr. Sudeep Das, OpenTable

Sudeep Das, Ph.D., Data Scientist OpenTable.
In no particular order, I am a coffee aficionado, a foodie, and a scientist. For most of my professional life, I have been an astrophysicist. After finishing my Ph.D. from Princeton in 2008, I moved to the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics as Prize Fellow, and then to Argonne National Laboratory as a David Schramm Fellow working on minute fluctuations in the afterglow of the Big Bang called the cosmic microwave background. During the past year, I became increasingly interested in the booming field of data science and decided to switch fields to start an adventure in this new area.
Currently, I am a data scientist at OpenTable using dining related data to help personalize the user experience, discover
cultural and regional nuances in dining preferences, as well as help provide insights to restaurateurs. I am also an avid blogger, and write about science and data science on my blog datamusing.info.

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