Data-X: Video lectures on very practical and applied Data Analytics.


Data-X is a project to produce a collection of video lectures on very practical and applied data analytics.

Data-X videos span these key aspects of working with data:

  1. collect,
  2. combine,
  3. store,
  4. use/compute,
  5. analyze,
  6. visualize the derived insights,
  7. validate findings.

The video collection can be thought of as a course to be taken by students and professionals working on a diverse range of data-related projects and challenges, including those involving data science, advanced analytics, Big Data, and traditional data management.

The sequence may be used in a flip model, where the lectures are watched on line and instructors work with students in class sessions applying the methods to the particular focus of the students. Corporate learning and self-study activities are also encouraged.

Materials are designed to appeal to a wide audience, ranging from those with an initial interest in the subject matter to those interested in developing a fundamental level of capability in data analytics.


  1. We want to give students and professionals a bootstrap to this area.  We feel that a lot can be figured out during a project if a person has some basic examples and frameworks to work with.  The primary target is still those who plan to work on a project.
  2. This collection should be helpful in creating operational projects as opposed to data wrangling.  A lot of data science right now is about having a lot of data and using tools like R to test your hypothesis.  But we are thinking about code that gets put into working systems — for example, how to develop the running code that makes use of machine learning or some processing within a game, financial application, or other operational activity.
  3. We target people familiar with the systems and code, and simply to be able to say first hand that this is a technique that get used a lot, it’s not a waste of your time to see this example, and the information is current.


Anyone who views these online videos should be familiar with writing code and setting up a development environment.

DATA-X Series Editors

Ikhlaq Sidhu, Chief Scientist and Founding Director, Sutardja Center, UC  Berkeley.

Roberto V. Zicari, Frankfurt Big Data Lab, Goethe University, Frankfurt & Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley.

DATA-X videos:

DATA-X Video: Enterprise Information Extraction – An Introduction (1 short video)

DATA-X: Videobook introduces query analytics for Apache Hadoop (8 short videos)

  1. DATA-X: Video Introduction to SQL  This short video (5 minutes) is an introduction to SQL.  SQL ( Structured Query Language) is a special-purpose programming language designed for managing data held in a relational database management system (RDBMS), or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system (RDSMS).  GO!
  2. DATA-X: Video Introduction to Apache Hadoop This short video (5 minutes) is an introduction to Apache Hadoop and related projects. Apache Hadoop  is an open-source software framework for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets on computer clusters built from commodity hardware. GO!
  3. DATA-X: Video Introduction to SQL on Hadoop. Curious about SQL on Apache Hadoop? In less than 5 minutes, this video introduces basic concepts, explains why the industry is investing in various SQL-on-Hadoop efforts, and describes a few sample use cases. GO!
  4. DATA-X: Video SQL on Hadoop – Creating Tables Introduction to techniques for creating SQL-based tables on popular Hadoop data storage mechanisms. Part of a larger video series for the open Data-X project. GO!
  5. DATA-X: Video SQL on Hadoop: Populating Tables with Data Introduction to techniques for loading and inserting data into tables on Hadoop using SQL. Part of a larger video series for the open Data-X project. GO!
  6. DATA-X: Video SQL on Hadoop: Querying Tables  Introduction to using SQL to query data stored in Apache Hadoop.
  7. Data-X: Video Using SerDes  Introduces the use of SerDes (serializers / deserializers) for supporting SQL-based query access to non-traditional data stored in Apache Hadoop.
  8. DATA-X: Video Query Federation  Introduction to SQL-based query federation technology, including support for relational and Apache Hadoop data sources.


DATA-X: Videobook Explains Blockchain Technology (5 short videos)

This is a series of 5 short videos on Blockchain. Want to know more about blockchain? Many have heard of the distributed ledger technology that is currently most well-known as the technological basis for Bitcoin, but its potential uses expand far beyond the crypto-currency. Marc Andreessen from VC firm Andreessen Horowitz has called Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology a “breakthrough in computer science”.  GO!

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