Category: DATA-X

Data-X is a project to produce a collection of video lectures on very practical and applied data analytics.

The goal of the project is to invite key experts to each address key aspects of
working with data:

1 collect,
2 combine,
3 store,
4 use/compute,
5 analyze,
6 visualize the derived insights,
7 validate findings.

The Prominence of Generative AI in CyberSecurity

By Ramesh Chitor, Ramasubramanian Ramani, Deepti Krishnan Iyer  Abstract This paper describes best practices to scale your CyberSecurity Practice with Generative AI technologies leveraging foundational models and Active Learning. We term this Active Learning CyberOps with AI...

Ethical Implications of AI- series of lectures available online.

I am glad to inform you that we successfully completed the series of lectures on Ethical Implications of AI.We had both a fantastic number of guest speakers and incredible attendees from all over the...