QuickStart Video: Using VoltDB With Docker

January 16, 2018

Docker is a powerful tool that many of our customers and community members use for the development and testing of distributed systems.

What You’ll Learn in This Video

Recently, our Customer Success Manager, Ben Ballard, presented a Quick Start Tutorial on this topic. In his presentation, Ben covered a number of topics, including:

  • Getting VoltDB up and running using Docker
  • Launching the VoltDB Community Edition Docker image as a standalone instance or as a cluster
  • How to build a Docker image using VoltDB Enterprise Edition

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the on-demand replay of the tutorial following this link.

Learn More

To learn more about VoltDB and Docker – and how our own engineers use Docker to make their jobs easier – check out this recent blog post. And if you’d like to stay informed on future Quick Start Tutorials like the presentation above, download VoltDB Community Edition and sign-up to receive updates on VoltDB Community events, resources and announcements.

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