On 2024 trends 

by Lalit Ahuja.

Generative AI

“The massive adoption of freely available LLMs and the use of ChatGPT will quickly give way to enterprises enforcing their own constraints on the use of such technology, as anything fed to these models as questions or content for further refinement or analysis is information about the user or the consumer that this model is learning. Enterprises will start preventing or even prohibiting unfettered use of this technology to protect corporate IP or the kinds of things that the enterprise is considering. Expect to see things like enterprises blocking domain names like openai.com and implementing other such controls soon. “

Modern Data Architecture

“The modern data architecture, in recognition of the multi-dimensional nature of today’s data processing needs, will look at a level of consolidation both at a logical and physical architecture levels. So, not just technology components but also consolidation at the underlying applications and service providers levels.This will also lead to increased M&A and consolidation activities at the data solutions and solution provider levels.”

CXO Priorities for 2024

“Every CXO has to be thinking about how and how much to leverage AI in operating their business and in generating differentiating value for their customers. And if that X is “Legal” or “InfoSec” Officer, then they will be scrambling to limit the risks of adopting such AI technologies and putting frameworks in place on the use of such technology in their enterprises.”

Modern Data Integration Hubs

“Data integration hubs and DIH technology providers will try to move up and cover a bigger chunk of the data value chain by providing other capabilities like analytical/AI/ML processing and persistence. They will gravitate towards becoming unified data processing platforms.”


Lalit Ahuja (Chief Product and Customer Officer) is responsible for ensuring customers gain the most value from their GridGain investments. He oversees delivery of vertically-aligned solutions in collaboration with GridGain’s strategic partners and leads a global team of solution architects focused on customer success.

In his career spanning over 20 years, Lalit has led various IT functions including enterprise architecture, product management, large scale program management, IT operations and served as a digital strategy advisor to executives at Fortune 500 enterprises.

Prior to GridGain, Lalit led the global Customer Success team at Akana, a leader in API Management and Application Services Governance space, where he was responsible for increased customer retention and more than 300% growth in Akana’s consulting services business.

Lalit holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and an MBA from UCLA.

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