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10 Questions On Innovation

by Roberto V. Zicari on August 20, 2007

August 2007–
In my work as Editor of ODBMS.ORG
I started a Section on Innovation.
I believe this is important. In the IT industry innovation plays a key role.
But how does innovation occur? I thought the best way is to ask who did some mayor innovation..

So I asked:

Ivar Jacobson. creator of OO methodologies
Alan Kay, pioneer of OOP, PC, and GUI
Vinton G. Cerf, father of the Internet
Philippe Kahn, founder of Fullpower, LightSurf, Starfish, and Borland

You can read in this blog their answers to my 10 Questions On Innovation.

Learning from great innovators is one source of inspiration, but not a guarantee of course…


— Roberto V. Zicari

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