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Do we really need a standard for Object Databases?

by Roberto V. Zicari on April 17, 2009

If you recall, in February 2006, the Object Management Group (OMG) has decided to develop the “4th generation” standard for object databases in order to facilitate broader adoption of standards-based object database technology.

To this end, the OMG had set up the Object Database Technology Working Group (ODBT WG) and acquired the rights to develop new OMG specifications based on the works of the disbanded Object Data Management Group (ODMG), which issued the last ODMG 3.0 standard in 2001.

However, no significant progresss has been made until now…

This despite some interesting discussion who took place in 2008.

This is the result on a first analysis, of a luck of active participation from vendor companies.

So the question to address at this point is: Do we really need a standard for Object Databases?

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  1. Excellent qu.

    Perhaps ODBMS requirements are being addressed by distributed cache technologies, [eg: use of an OODB in some other technology as referenced in
    is-cep-a-bird-plane-or-oodb ]
    and/or we are at a(nother) “technology tipping point”? [eg: support for continuous queries, as referenced in
    anyone-noticed-the-stream-of-support-for-continuous-queries ]

    S/w vendors are always interested in supporting standards, as these benefit customers. Hopefully OQL/OQL’s successor will progress and provide value…


  2. Paul
    I am not sure.
    Distributed cache technologies are fine, but sometimes you really need a full-fledge database.

    Your BusinessEvents Query Language (BQL) seems interesting though.


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