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Neo4j, the world’s most popular graph database, was built to efficiently store, handle, and query highly connected data. With a powerful and flexible data model, you can represent your real-world, variably structured information without a loss of fidelity. The property graph model is easy to understand and handle, especially for object-oriented and relational developers.

Neo4j can be deployed as a scalable single server and large-scale cluster. As the original inventors of the Cypher graph query language, Neo4j offers the best implementation of openCypher, the SQL for graphs. Neo4j can be used with official drivers for the binary, smart bolt-protocol from all popular languages.

Designed for data relationships, the Neo4j graph database includes the following features:

  • GRAPH-BASED CORE DATA MODEL: Store and process both data and data relationships
  • GRAPH-BASED PROCESSING: Optimize real-time processing of data relationships, at scale
  • FULLY ACID: Suitable for master data, transactions, and everywhere you need data trustability
  • POWERFUL AND EXPRESSIVE QUERY LANGUAGE: Cypher often requires 10x to 100x less code than SQL
  • EXTENSIBLE with user-defined procedures and functions
  • SCALABILITY AND HIGH AVAILABILITY: Scale with blazing-fast queries, consistent query response times, and rock-solid data integrity
  • BUILT-IN ETL: Seamless data import from relational and other databases: whether it’s millions of rows, or billions
  • INTEGRATION SUPPORT: For popular languages and frameworks
  • OFFICIAL CLIENT DRIVERS: With binary protocol support, type system, and smart routing
  • DEVELOPER SUPPORT: Developer workbench with result and query plan visualization, customizable with interactive guides. First-class support for popular IDEs and programming languages.


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