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Modern Database Techniques

Martin Hulin, Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten. Excellent, Complete and up to date lecture note series (397 slides). Content and Course Structure: Learning module 0: Course Information, Welcome: 1 h Learning module 1: Introduction to Object Oriented...

Persistent OO Patterns

Adrian Marriott Lecture notes given at ICODB 2009, presents several Common Persistent Model Patterns for Performance and/or Scalability Optimization, among them “Query Visitor” which received the ODBMS.ORG Best Persistent Model Patterns Awards 2009. Query...

Design Patterns for Relational Databases

Eugenia Stathopoulou, Panos Vassiliadis Presents 4 patterns for relational databases on top of which, object-relational or other structures can be applied. [] Querying, [] Schema Modifications, [] Storage, [] Updates, DOWNLOAD (PDF)


Peter Baumann, Jacobs University An open-source array DBMS with an OQL-style query language and ODMG-conformant C++ and Java APIs for retrieving and manipulating multi-dimensional arrays (rasters) of unlimited size. LINK