ETH Zurich Releases New ODBMS Lecture Series on ODBMS.ORG

ODBMS.ORG, a vendor-independent non-profit group of high-profile software experts lead by Prof. Roberto Zicari, has today exclusively published on its portal the most up-to-date and comprehensive lecture series on object databases, devised for the 2007/08 class by the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich.

In response to the renewed interest in object-oriented databases, the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich has decided to reuptake its OODB course. The lecture is based on the long standing research and teaching efforts of Prof. Moira Norrie and her Global Information Systems research group. The updated course was prepared by ODBMS.ORG expert panel member Michael Grossniklaus, lecturer and senior researcher at the Institute for Information Systems at ETH Zurich. It consists of 12 lectures, which are now available for free download:

Lecture 1: 035.01 Introduction
Lecture 2: 035.02 Object Persistence
Lecture 3: 035.03 db4o Part1
Lecture 4: 035.04 db4o Part2
Lecture 5: 035.05 ODMG Standard
Lecture 6*: 035.06 Objectstore Objectivity
Lecture 7: 035.07 Storage and Indexing
Lecture 8: 035.08 Version Models
Lecture 9: 035.09 The OM Data Model
Lecture 10: 035.10 Object Model Language: OML
Lecture 11**: 035.11 Avon Implementation
Lecture 12: 035.12 Support for Context Aware Data Management
*with Beat Signer
**by Stefania Leone, Alexandre de Spindler and Andrei Vancea

Michael Grossniklaus has also published a new book on context-aware data management (ISBN-10: 3836429381) and provided ODBMS.ORG with a free chapter for download (PDF).

The publication of the lecture series is another step to deliver on ODBMS.ORG’s mission to provide the most up-to-date collection of resources on object database technology in the Internet. It gives students, researchers and teachers as well as professional and open source software developers easy access to one of the most promising technologies in modern IT.

“I refer to ODBMS.ORG in my graduate class on ODBMS in which I include coverage of the ODMG standard,” said Alfonso Cárdenas, professor at UCLA, after last month saw the merger of ODBMS.ORG and ODMG.ORG. “This is very good news! My class benefits very much from this portal.”

ODBMS.ORG ( is a vendor-independent, not-for-profit educational program on object database technology and the integration between object-oriented programming and databases. Designed by Prof. Roberto Zicari of Frankfurt University, the program’s goal is to promote and further the use of object databases – by offering free resources for students, faculty and researchers at universities and research centers, as well as for JAVA and .NET developers in the commercial and the open source world. Content is provided by a panel of internationally recognized experts, who share research articles and teaching materials with the community via the organization’s Web portal.

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