More than 150 Experts on ODBMS.ORG’s Expert Panel

More than 150 Experts on ODBMS.ORG’s Expert Panel

San Francisco/Frankfurt, 04/10/2014. ODBMS.ORG– the Resource Portal for Big Data and New Data Management Technologies, today announced that the addition of 30 individuals has pushed the number of ODBMS.ORG’s panel of experts to 158 in total.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to appoint so many new members of such a high calibre”, said Prof. Roberto V. Zicari, editor of ODBMS.ORG.

Specifically the following 30 professionals have been named to the panel of experts:

Prof. Daniel Abadi, Yale University
Prof. Rajendra Akerkar,Western Norway Research Institute
Chris Anderson, Couchbase.
Roger Barga, Microsoft
Ryan Betts, VoltDB
Dr. Michael L. Brodie, MIT
Tamara Budec, Digital Realty
Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike
Tim Callaghan, Tokutek.
Prof. Michael J. Carey, UC Irvine
Dr. Yanpei Chen, Cloudera
Ramesh Chitor, Cisco Systems
Benjamin De Boe, InterSystems
Tom Deutsch, IBM
Jonathan Ellis, DataStax
Michael Hoskins, Actian
Scott Jarr, VoltDB
Prof. Christian S. Jensen, Aalborg University
Dr. John Goodwin, Ordnance Survey
Dr. Marc Linster, EnterpriseDB
Dr. Wolfgang Martin, independent analyst
Bruce Momjian, EnterpriseDB
Dave Rosenthal, FoundationDB
Cynthia M. Saracco , IBM
Srini Srinivasan, Aerospike
Srivathsan Srinivas, Cognizant
Dr. Agustin Gonzalez-Tuchmann, Intel Corporation
Michael “Monty” Widenius, Monty Program Ab and SkySQL
Ted Willke, Intel Corporation
Dr. Matthias Ziegler, Accenture

The full list of the  panel of internationally recognizable experts from academia and commercial companies is available here.
This group of intenationally renown experts from academia and industry is the backbone to contribute to the rapid growth of one of the Internet’s most up to date resource portal on Big Data.

The ODBMS.ORG portal is a mission-critical resource for any serious 21st century software professional. It is indispensable, and a key element in promoting state-of-the-art software craftsmanship ” confirmed Philippe Kahn, Technology Innovator and Entrepreneur.


Launched in 2005, ODBMS.ORG – the Resource Portal for Big Data and New Data Management Technologies”-is a vendor independent, educational program created to serve faculty and students at educational and research institutions as well as software developers in the open source community or at commercial companies.
It is designed to meet the fast-growing need for resources focusing on Big Data, Analytical data platforms, Scalable Cloud platforms, Object databases, Object-relational bindings, NoSQL databases, Service platforms, and new approaches to concurrency control.


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